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Thailand Sixes 2015 Feedback

Joe Nusantara: CBB Debutant

Hi Cat and All Friends. Hope you guys are in good health. I have been busy lately and just had the time to sit down and write down some feedbacks about the wonderful 8th Thailand International Cricket Sixes Tournament few weeks ago. Here goes...
It all started from an email I sent to Michael "Cat" Maher asking about further details on the tournament as I was planning to bring my team. Cat replied soon after and I started spreading the details to my teammates. Unfortunately none from my team can join me and I thought all hope was lost for me to play in the tournament. After informing Cat about the bad news, I received a reply I never expected. He invited me to play with his team! He didn't even know me! He didn’t even know how well or how bad I played and the fact that my weight is not even 50 kgs and I usually hear fielders laughing when I walk in to the crease as a batsman. For the love of cricket and intention to make friends, I just agreed to go! All my friends said I was crazy because I don't even know my teammates. There were so many questions of "what If?". I ignored all the negative comments and just went to Bangkok on 23rd October 2015. The rest is history. The true spirit of cricket was truly upheld by everyone throughout the tournament. They treated me like old buddies even on the 1st day regardless of my race, color, language or religion. We are all just cricketers enjoying the game and the social events off the field together. The short 3 days ended with me having friends like I have known for 10 years. Friends that I would pick up at the airport whenever they want to come to Malaysia and probably be their tour guide if they want to have a vacation here. I truly hope I can bring my full team next year to witness what I mean from my stories I tell them. I really hope we all can meet again... There are too many names for me to mention, but you guys know I mean you! It was truly an experience I would never forget! Cheers.

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